What is a Lead Local Flood Authority? Preston

20 April, 2016 | 18:30 - 20:30

Lead Local Flood Authority created to help with flooding issues.
Lead Local Flood Authority created to help with flooding issues.

About this event

The 'lead local flood authority' is a relatively new legal entity, invented by the Flood & Water Management Act 2010. You may wonder what one is, what it does and whether it can prevent further devastating flooding as was always intended by Sir Michael Pitt when he reviewed the experiences of those affected by extensive floods across swathes of the country during 2007.

You are not alone. Rachel Crompton B.Eng. C.Eng. MICE is Lancashire County Council's Flood Risk Manager, coming fresh into the role in April 2015 after many years working for the LLFA's big brothers, the Highway Authorities of Kirklees Metropolitan District Council, Manchester City Council and Lancashire County Council, and she has been working out some answers ever since.

Rachel has an abiding commitment to reducing the impacts of severe weather on our local communities, and is keen for professional colleagues to better understand the principles of the LLFA role.

Speaker: Rachel Crompton,
Flood Risk Manager, Lancashire County Council

Refreshments will be served from 1800 for a meeting start of 18:30.

ICE Lancashire AGM will precede the meeting.

Organised by Lancashire Branch, this will be a joint event with Equality & Diversity SIG.

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