What is a Smart Motorway? Shrewsbury

24 January, 2017 | 17:30 - 20:00

Find out more about Smart Motorways,
Find out more about Smart Motorways,

About this event

Max Brown has worked in PTS for nine years, having previously joined Highways England in their Major Projects department in 2006, leading a number of large road improvement projects in the south west. Previously Max worked for consultancy firm, Atkins as a design project manager, since graduation as a Civil Engineer from Cardiff University in 1999.

Over the last six years Max has played a leading role in the development of the operation of the motorway network, via his role in smart motorways and particularly the All Lane Running concept. He has led the design development and owns (on behalf of Highways England) the design requirements for smart motorways.

Max is currently working to make enhancements to elements of the smart motorway design to improve the experience for road users. In addition he is looking at how the learning from smart motorways can be applied to the APTR network in the future.

Max’s presentation will outline “What is a smart motorway”, how they have evolved since they were first introduced on the M25 in 1995, their benefits, the safety case and Highways England’s future plans.

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