Wind energy in Western Canada, Calgary

9 November, 2016 | 19:00 - 22:00

Find our more about wind energy in Western Canada.
Find our more about wind energy in Western Canada.

About this event

The presentation is entitled Wind Energy in Western Canada, and will be presented by Jeff Wearmouth, P.Eng. I have attached a poster for the event and I would be grateful if you could put this in your place of work to let others with an interest in the topic know. As always guests and members of the public are welcome and a complimentary snack will be served after the presentation.

Jeff will briefly cover the history of wind power in Alberta and Western Canada, talk about innovative developments that were rooted in Western Canada and how we got to the 1490 MW we currently have installed in Alberta.

Moving on to technological developments, Jeff will review the early major developments like Cowley Ridge in Southern Alberta with the then "huge" 375 kW turbines to the current massive turbines now pushing 5 MW+. Jeff will discuss and explain some of the most recent technologies and how they are continuing to push the limits on turbine size, efficiency and production.

Jeff will talk about the rate of technology development and how that is shaping the industry, how it is competing with other renewables and other non-renewables, and what the outlook for wind is competing against other power generation technologies.

Jeff will talk about the real cost of power from wind, analyse the true levelized cost of power and compare that to other technologies to see where wind stacks up now and in the future.

Finally Jeff will cover wind power and how it is integrated in Alberta. The needs for system support to integrate all the wind power that Alberta is planning and what real benefits, if any, there are in integrating so much wind.


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Jeff Wearmouth

Jeff is a professional engineer who grew up in Calgary and graduated from the University of Calgary. Jeff has been an engineer for over 30 years, dedicated to the wind and renewable energy industry for the past 15 years.

Over that time Jeff has worked for wind project developers, has consulted extensively on wind projects throughout North America and South Africa, has been involved in construction, design, early stage development, operation and even decommissioning of wind farms. Somehow Jeff found time to develop his own wind projects and now owns and operates 2 wind turbines near Pincher Creek in Southern Alberta.

Most recently Jeff is working for a small start-up developer, Turning Point Generation. Turning Point is developing renewable energy projects, primarily focused on pumped hydro energy storage in Alberta in order to support the expected system impacts from the impending wind projects likely to be brought on in support of Alberta's climate plans.