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Woolston WtW evening site visit, Southampton

  • Networking
  • Southampton
  • 12 June 2018
  • 18:00 - 20:00
Woolston WtW evening site visit, Southampton

About this event

Everything that goes down your drains and into the sewers all needs to be treated for re-introduction into the water cycle. At Woolston, screening equipment removes any solids, where the resulting flow is then subjected to anoxic conditions – where natural bacteria denitrify the nitrate rich wastewater. The process is completed after aerobic conditions are introduced to allow the bacteria to oxidise the ammonia in the mixture, with membrane bioreactors extracting the final effluent.

Due for completion in 2019, this activated sludge process plant is able to process 427 l/s of wastewater and incorporates UK's largest configuration of membrane bioreactors. Coupling the hazardous wastewater conditions with the coastal environment, all on site equipment is specified to be highly resistant to corrosion.

Join us for a tour of this active site, with construction works and live treatment all in operation – featuring facets of all major engineering strains.

Please note PPE is mandatory: overalls, hard hat, steel toe boots, gloves and glasses. If you hold a CSCS (or equivalent) card, please take this with you. Maximum attendees: 20.


For more information or to book contact:

Calum Tee
e: [email protected]
w: nearyou.imeche.org.uk

Event venue

Woolston WtW
Victoria Road
Southampton SO19 9EG
United Kingdom

For more information please contact:

Anne Qualters

e: [email protected]