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Would you really want to work as a technical expert on engineering dispute? Hong Kong

  • Lecture
  • Hong Kong
  • 27 January 2018
  • 09:00 - 10:00
Would you really want to work as a technical expert on engineering dispute? Hong Kong

About this event

The speaker will describe the role of a technical expert in the dispute process for civil engineering contracts. The talk will describe the typical sequence and scope of work involved in acting as an expert and the different forms that the expert role can take. These include the standard role of being appointed by the claimant or respondent to act as their appointed expert and working as an expert to assist the mediator/arbitrator.

The use of hot tubbing in place or in addition to cross examination will be discussed. He will illustrate his talk with personal examples of the process. Names and events will be altered to protect the requirements of client confidentiality.


Members of ICE : HK$ 150/person Non-members: HK$ 270/person

The talk will cover the following aspects of working as an expert:

Part 1: An overview of the expert process in a dispute

  1. The structure of an arbitration and where the expert witness fits in.
  2. The role of the expert witness and his duty to the arbitrator.
  3. The normal format for expert input into a dispute
  4. Overview of the role of the expert during the dispute hearing
  5. Hot tubbing of experts

Part 2: A step by step guide to the scope of the Expert process

  1. How is an expert selected and how and when to say no
  2. Preliminary review of the Issues prior to committing to preparing an expert report
  3. Pulling together the information required to prepare an expert report – try not to start before you have the requisite information
  4. Development of the expert brief – Are you being asked the right questions
  5. Assistance in preparing an expert report – how do you incorporate the work of others into your expert report
  6. The expert report and how it differs from normal technical reports
  7. The joint expert meeting – mostly pleasant and interesting, sometimes stressful, particularly when the legal team want to know what’s going on.
  8. The joint expert report – probably the most important part of the expert process
  9. Preparation of a second expert report or rebuttal report
  10. Attendance at the dispute hearing including,
    • briefing from the legal team,
    • assisting the legal team during the dispute,
    • examination in chief by your client’s council
    • cross examination by the other side’s council
    • questions from the arbitrator
  11. Assistance after the dispute hearing

Capacity: 72pax

Free: Member: HKD 150 per person; Non-member: HKD 270 per person

Breakfast included from 8:30am -9:00am

*Priority will be given to ICE members.
*Upon receipt of payment, ICE will send confirmation e-mail to successful applicants.

Event venue

The Salisbury - YMCA of Hong Kong
4/F, South Tower (Huthart Room II & President’s Room)
41 Salisbury Road
Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon
Hong Kong
Hong Kong

For more information please contact:

Crystal Fung

e: crystal.fung@icehk.org.hk