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YGG and IGS UK Chapter evening talk, online

  • Lecture
  • online
  • 09 November 2021
  • 18:00 - 19:30
YGG and IGS UK Chapter evening talk, online

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Active geocomposites consist of geotextiles that sandwich various adsorbents, such as activated carbon, oil or heavy metal binders, etc. The use of this innovative treatment systems enable an effective protection of the underground in different application areas. As large-area permeable filters, they selectively stop the flow of contaminants but not the flow of the carrier medium – the water or the vapour. Accordingly, surface sealing and connection to the sewerage system is not required.

Moreover, intervention in the natural flow paths of water is significantly reduced. Equipping or retrofitting structural facilities with permeable geotextile contaminant barriers for soil or water protection can be realized in many places without great expense. Areas of application for these contaminant barriers made of active geocomposites are diverse, for example in traffic infrastructure, storage yards, remediation sites, or to construct with contaminated soils. In this presentation, the approach of active geocomposites and the different application areas will be discussed. 

This meeting will be held via Zoom.


Stefan Niewerth

Business Development Manager, HUESKER Synthetic GmbH

 Stefan Niewerth
Dr.-Ing. Stefan Niewerth has been working as Business Development Manager for HUESKER Synthetic GmbH in Gescher, Germany, since January 2020. In HUESKER’s business unit Environmental Engineering, he is involved in the development of active geocomposites and in providing engineering support and doing market development. In particular, the global technical support of customers and partners is part of his responsibilities. Before joining HUESKER, Stefan worked for a major Austrian construction company in the position of a contract manager. Before and during this time, he completed his doctorate at the Ruhr University in Bochum, Germany, at the Chair of Tunnelling and construction management.

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