Rotherhithe Bridge

Rotherhithe Bridge

2020 - Rotherhite Bridge

  • 184m openable span bascule bridge
  • Central span pivots to allow tall ships to pass

"What a great project this is. It points to the future of river crossings in London. It is a fantastic opportunity to give this part of London a much-needed cycling and pedestrian crossing.

Sadiq Khan, Mayor of London

The proposed Rotherhithe Bridge will connect south east London to the Docklands peninsular and make sustainable transport an option for thousands of commuters.

Based on an initial design concept by Nik Randall, reForm Architects has worked in partnership with Elliott Wood engineers to develop initial proposals for the longest bascule opening bridge in the world.

The central span, supported by cables from raked masts, forms a double wishbone-like structure which, with the help of hydraulic rams, pivots to open/close in four minutes to allow tall ships to pass.

Spanning the Thames

The Rotherhithe Bridge has a unique design; its elegant and sleek form provides both a cost-efficient solution to congestion and adds another landmark to one of the world's greatest cities. It will be the only bridge in central London to the east of Tower Bridge.

The old London Bridge first crossed the River Thames in 1176 and it was the only crossing for 500 years. Westminster Bridge opened in 1750 and there are now 26 road, rail and pedestrian bridges between Kew and Tower Bridge. There is a need for more, due to population growth and congestion.


Proposed Rotherhithe Bridge
Designers/Engineers: reForm/Elliot Wood
184m openable span bascule bridge


Efficient, modern engineering will enable sustainable transport between the financial district and south east London


The longest bascule opening bridge in the world


A two-level steel truss bridge carrying a four-lane highway and a single track freight railway