Fracture mechanics analysis of a riveted truss bridge, Chatham

13 December, 2017 | 18:00 - 20:00

Venue address:

University of Greenwich, Medway Campus
Jellicoe Building Room J123
Central Avenue
Chatham ME4 4TB
United Kingdom
Fracture mechanics analysis of a riveted truss bridge
Fracture mechanics analysis of a riveted truss bridge

About this event

Many ageing railway bridges are susceptible to fatigue damage from the cyclic loads due to the trains as wells as general deterioration over time. As these bridges approach their design life, or for those that have exceeded their design life, it is necessary to establish the remaining residual fatigue life of the bridge.

This talk presents the use of fracture mechanics as an analytical tool which can be used to predict the remaining fatigue life after the onset of a crack at a critical member of a bridge. An assessment of a riveted Pratt Truss railway bridge will be presented showing how an FE based global model is used to establish the bridge loading history using BS5400-10 train mixes.

This is then used to calculate the stress ranges at critical members from which the fracture mechanics analysis can be performed. Examples will also be given how results of the fracture mechanics assessment can be used to prioritise bridge inspections and maintenance programmes as well as strengthening.


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Nigel Goodall Kent, Secretary

or Dr Khosru Rahman, Chairman

A joint event with IStructE.


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