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HKA G&S: Safety digitalised - decoding the mastermind in Smart Site Safety Systems

Event organised by ICE

18 October 2023
20:00 - 21:30 HKT (GMT+8)

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The launch of language model based chatbots has taken the world by storm in 2023, and most of us would agree they have saved us from the grind in typing away and rephrasing paragraphs. Instead of worrying about not meeting deadlines, we would instead be left thinking when and how artificial intelligence (AI) systems are taking over our jobs, especially since it has been doing so well taking care of our work.

The speaker Mr Issac Leung will be illustrating how AI visual monitoring systems could be employed to identify unsafe plant operations and worker behaviours in real-time. The discussion will focus on how a highly automated system would substantially improve safety in construction sites. He will also be referring to the technical circular TC(W) No. 3/2023 published by the Development Bureau of the Hong Kong SAR Government, which promulgates the mandatory use of Smart Site Safety System (SSSS) in most public works projects.

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Issac Leung

Issac Leung



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Issac Leung

Issac is a co-founder of his own company, AutoSafe, which focuses on revolutionising construction safety with cutting edge technology. He holds an MPhil in civil engineering from HKUST. Although he had been trained as a civil engineer, he has been researching artificial intelligence (AI) in the construction industry throughout his research time. This makes him a perfect bridge between actual pain point in the industry and different innovation solutions. He partnered with Professor Jack Cheng and his team from HKUST and other world-renowned institutes and founded AutoSafe in 2021.

In just two years, the local startup has now acquired patents on AI-based safety monitoring and multi-camera tracking technologies. He and his team have also been working on various projects related to smart site safety, and in particular, the Smart Site Safety System (SSSS) referenced in the technical circular by the Development Bureau. Issac and his team are excited to share their knowledge on AI and experience on SSSS with attendees in this webinar.

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