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EngTech FICE making a difference

Event organised by ICE

30 March 2022
13:00 - 14:00 BST (GMT+1)

This event has now ended

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Technicians are capable of applying proven techniques and procedures to resolve practical engineering problems. To be professionally recognised as EngTech MICE individuals must demonstrate the required professional competences and commitment. These standards are set out by the Engineering Council and the Institution of Civil Engineers.

For a long time, the profile of the grade of EngTech MICE has been recognised across the civil engineering industry. We have Technician members who joined the ICE in the 1980’s as Technician members and are still Technician members today. Over the last 5 years there has been a significant surge in interest from individuals and companies seeking professional recognition. This has been partly driven by the Trail Blazer Apprenticeships which burst onto the industry in 2013 and has continued with the new End Point Assessment Apprentice style qualifications. It is also partly a result of a resurgence in senior technicians gaining recognition of their hard-won skills and capabilities.

Inevitably this is leading to an increase in mature competent, capable, Technicians. People who hold significant, influential professional positions. People who are responsible for promoting, planning, designing, constructing, maintaining, or managing important engineering work. People who are not just capable of applying proven techniques and procedures to resolve practical engineering problems but capable of far more. People with this level of success are applying for recognition at the highest level as Fellows of the ICE. Fellows are senior professionals who, as well as being successful in their career make a major contribution to the industry.

We have brought together a couple of these exceptional individuals who have achieved recognition as a Technician Fellow of the Institution of Civil Engineers. They will be talking about their work and why being recognised as EngTech FICE makes a difference.


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