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HKA G&S: creating sustainable workplaces with digital transformation

Event organised by ICE

26 February 2024
19:00 - 20:30 HKT (GMT+8)

This event has now ended


ICE HKA G&S and IET HK YMS have co-organised this webinar on creating sustainable workplaces with digital transformation.

In this seminar, Ms Can Leung and Mr Steve Ho will share the impact of digital transformation on sustainable workplace design, government policies promoting building information modelling (BIM) adoption, and real-life examples of its benefits.

Digital transformation in the construction industry is essential for creating sustainable workplaces. By leveraging digital tools and technologies, construction companies can significantly improve efficiency, collaboration, and sustainability throughout the project life cycle. This enables them to remain competitive, deliver projects effectively, and contribute to the development of a more sustainable built environment.

During the presentation, the speakers will delve into the profound impact of digital transformation on the design of sustainable workplaces in the construction industry.

The presentation will discuss government policies that promote the adoption of BIM and highlight how BIM models are harmonised and integrated with geographic information systems (GIS) to facilitate smart city planning. Additionally, we will showcase a range of BIM tools that empower construction professionals to optimise their efficiency.

Through real-life examples and case studies, attendees will gain insights into how the integration of BIM and digital transformation enhances the efficiency and sustainability of urban development projects.

The presentation will emphasise the importance of effectively utilising information from BIM and fostering collaborative workflows among project participants, resulting in finely tuned projects that prioritise sustainability, efficiency, and outstanding performance. By embracing digital transformation, construction professionals can streamline processes and revolutionise the design and construction of sustainable workplaces.

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Organised with

Institution of Engineering and Technology

Institution of Engineering and Technology

The Institution of Engineering and Technology is a multidisciplinary professional engineering institution.


Can Leung

Can Leung

Digital AECOM

executive director of digital

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Can Leung

Ms Can Leung has over 30 years of experience in information system development, security management, and BIM technology. She has been involved in BIM work for many large-scale infrastructure projects, responsible for digital solutions including BIM consultancy, adoption strategy and standards, and BIM and GIS integration. 

Currently, she is the executive director of Digital AECOM. Key projects include BIM adoption consultancy services for Hong Kong Airport Authority, Hong Kong DEVB, and DSD, as well as the development of BIM Asset Management standards for HyD, EMSD, and WSD. She played a key role in developing a BIM horizontal harmonisation guideline across Works Departments (WDs) to accelerate project information exchange between WDs and Lands Department. This harmonised guideline would also facilitate the development of 3D digital maps and Common Spatial Data Infrastructure (CSDI).

With her extensive experience in BIM standards, she has initiated the development of workflow processes and checking tools, specifically tailored to meet the needs of BIM harmonisation and WSD asset management requirements.

Steve Ho

Steve Ho

Digital AECOM

assistant manager

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Steve Ho

Mr Steve Ho is a chartered engineer with over 10 years of experience in design and construction, specialising in the application of BIM technology. He has been a core member of several large-scale projects, including the West Kowloon Terminus, Third Runway Concourse Design Consultancy Services, URA’s BIM-FM Platform, BIM Horizontal Harmonisation Study and Generation of 3D Digital Map.

He has extensive experience using BIM technology for building structure design and other civil projects. He utilises it to facilitate designs, coordination, construction simulations, and model quality checking. With a background in building engineering, he possesses expertise in design principles, project management, and coordination in a teamwork environment.

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