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How to explain climate change impacts on our river flows

Event organised by ICE

21 March 2024
12:30 - 13:30 GMT

This event has now ended


The talk will pick up on climate change communication, and the importance of creating strong visual images and storylines. These are vital for grabbing attention and resources, especially given all of the other pressures on the environmental sector. Working with this, we can help to simplify the complex data and information, from our modelling, into something that practitioners and decision makers can use with confidence.

Chris Beales from the Environment Agency will give an overview of some of the latest climate and hydrology science, and how this relates to the new modelling project that the Environment Agency has commissioned. The results of this project are about to be used in the update of some of our water resources strategic guidance. They will also help hydrologists to understand the local, detail changes we can expect in our river flows.

It is an exciting and challenging time. Hopefully this new evidence will be useful in helping us prepare and adapt to what is coming. As ever it is great to have an opportunity to learn from one another. After the presentation there will be time to ask questions and share ideas. Looking forward to seeing you there.


Chris Beales

Chris Beales

Environment Agency

hydrologist and climate change specialist

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Chris Beales

Chris Beales is a hydrologist and climate change specialist, with 25 years' experience working for the Environment Agency (EA). He currently works in the national environment & business team, having previously worked in the south east as a hydrometric monitoring lead and a strategic hydrologist.

 He has developed numerous data and modelling systems over the years, with a particular focus on making them intuitive as possible…so they are enjoyable to use, and people can get the best out of them. He has a long-standing interest in climate change, particularly how to communicate it and how to get people to prepare for the challenges it poses.

He has led some climate groups in the EA; was a former chair of the reading climate change partnership; and is still trying to make a difference is his current role.

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