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ICE Exeter City Club – inclusive design workshop

Event organised by ICE

02 May 2024
17:30 - 19:30 BST (GMT+1)
Mott MacDonald Offices
Endeavour House
Pynes Hill
Exeter, EX2 5WH
United Kingdom

This event has now ended

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Human nature means we can sometimes we can be inadvertently egocentric. It is easier often to assume that everyone’s world is the same as our own.

Join ICE South West Future Leaders Meg Ginsberg and Alex Buley as they challenge your perspective around inclusion and what inclusive design means.

Experience life through a different lens. Through a series of simulations, experience what the world is like for people who through either physical, or neurological differences have very different world experiences to your own.

Explore the ethical and moral obligations engineers have towards inclusive design and society. Discuss how engineers can design and build spaces against often conflicting inclusive requirements.

A thought-provoking workshop around accessibility, inclusion, and equity.

The workshop will include:

  • A discussion around what inclusive design and infrastructure is
  • Examples of bad and good inclusive infrastructure
  • A discussion about lived experiences
  • A practical session getting people to simulate various situations which many people face, (lack of sight, wheelchair use, lack of hearing, neurodivergent etc)
  • Exploration of the ethical and moral obligations engineers have towards society

Open to all ICE delegates and students.