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Interview skills webinar

Event organised by Benevolent Fund

31 October 2023
12:30 - 13:00 GMT

This event has now ended

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The ability to answer difficult questions under pressure is a valuable life skill. But answering the questions is just one part of the interview process. Confidence, communication skills and professionalism all play their parts. The more you understand about interview skills, the better prepared you’ll be.

About this event

During this webinar, delegates will explore:

  • Research and preparation
  • Your ‘elevator pitch’
  • The common questions and how to approach them
  • Competency-based questions
  • The questions you should ask.

For further information, please contact the ICE Benevolent Fund at [email protected] or call 01444 417 979.

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Mike Burgneay

Mike Burgneay

Chiumento Ltd.

managing director

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Mike Burgneay

Mike is Managing Director of Chiumento Ltd., one of the UK’s leading outplacement and career management companies. Mike’s business provides support to individuals who are in career transition.

Mike has spent most of his career in various niche areas of HR consulting including talent attraction, employer branding development and, over the last decade, talent management.

He landed at Chiumento in 2011 having been made redundant in difficult economic times and so he is able to share his personal as well as professional experience.

Linkedin: Mike Burgneay

Website: Chiumento

For more information please contact:

ICE Benevolent Fund Team