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PhDs explained: Algae, plant fibre cement & climate gentrification, online

Event organised by ICE

08 March 2022
18:00 - 19:00 GMT

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Three PhD students from the University of Bath present an aspect of their research that either relates to civil engineering and built environment or offers useful insight for civil engineers.

The topics covered in this free online session are:

Talking algae

This research project focuses on developing an early warning system for Harmful Algal Bloom (HAB) formation to assist in freshwater management through a shift from reactive intervention methods to proactive ones.

The influence of soaking time and curing temperature on silica sol-gel coated hemp fibres

To mitigate the level of deterioration of natural plant fibres and encourage their use in cementitious composites, hemp fibres were coated with several silica (Si) sol-gel solutions. The intent is that the coatings will serve as a protective film and a nucleation site or interface of interaction between the fibres and matrices in composites.

Climate gentrification in coastal neighbourhoods of Lagos, Nigeria

How climate gentrification manifests in urban coastal neighbourhoods and what parameters could be used to trace this manifestation. There is a focus on the coastal neighbourhoods of Lagos (the most populated coastal city in Africa) at a time when Nigeria is struggling to address a huge housing deficit.

The event has been organised by the ICE South West Bath City Club.

It will take place via Zoom with time set aside for questions and discussion.

Everyone is welcome.


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