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Physical modelling of tsunami wave propagation and inundation of the built environment

Event organised by ICE

29 May 2024
12:30 - 13:30 BST (GMT+1)

This event has now ended


Join us for the fourth and final Innovation Month session hosted by ICE ECN London, featuring Dr. David McGovern from London South Bank University.

Since the 21st century, tsunami have caused over 300,000 deaths, and 100s of billions of dollars in economic and infrastructure losses. Engineers heavily rely on laboratory models to understand how tsunami deliver damage to the built environment, and how to mitigate their effects. However, existing technologies struggle to replicate the full scope of tsunami events, limiting comprehensive understanding and mitigation efforts.

Join us as Dr. McGovern unveils the latest breakthrough in tsunami engineering, addressing these limitations and paving the way for more effective disaster readiness. 

Funded by Innovate UK, TsuTWin is a £200k Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) with HR Wallingford to develop the world’s first physical laboratory for tsunami wave train and return flow generation. This project is the culmination of significant innovations in tsunami generation technology and will lead to better facilities for scientists and engineers to understand how these waves are so destructive and mitigate against them. 

Gain invaluable insights into how this cutting-edge technology is revolutionising our understanding of tsunami dynamics and paving the way for more effective disaster mitigation strategies. Click book now to secure your place.


David McGovern

David McGovern

London South Bank University

senior lecturer

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David McGovern

Dr David McGovern, BSc PhD is a senior lecturer at London South Bank University.

He is lead of the new Coastal Hazards Group in the Centre for Civil and Building Services Engineering. He researches Tsunami and other coastal hazards, with a particular emphasis on physical modelling techniques.  

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