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Predictive tunnel maintenance using machine learning and robotics

Event organised by ICE

15 May 2024
12:30 - 13:30 BST (GMT+1)

This event has now ended


Join us for an exclusive lunchtime presentation, co-hosted by ICE ECN London and ARUP, featuring Fabio Panella, an engineer and applied machine learning expert. Fabio will unveil ARUP's pioneering approach in transforming the field of tunnel inspections and enabling predictive maintenance through easily interpretable and actionable data using Loupe360 and robots.

Arup, in partnership with UK Power Networks (UKPN), have collaborated on a groundbreaking initiative aimed at automating infrastructure inspections in the energy sector. Through the deployment of cutting-edge robotic solutions and innovative data analytics powered by deep learning, the project significantly enhances the efficiency and accuracy of asset assessments while minimising human exposure to hazardous environments. Arup's web-based digital platform, Loupe360, serves as the central hub for data integration and analysis, providing actionable insights for informed decision-making.

With projected annual cost savings exceeding £162,000 initially and rising to over £324,000 by 2028, coupled with improved health, safety and welfare standards, this initiative promises transformative benefits for UKPN and the wider community, ensuring enhanced service continuity and cost-effectiveness across the network.

Don't miss this opportunity to gain key insights into this groundbreaking project and explore how machine learning and robotics are revolutionising the Civil Engineering Industry. Click the book now button to secure your place.


Fabio Panella

Fabio Panella

civil engineer

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Fabio Panella

Fabio is a dedicated civil engineer with a passion for innovation and technology-driven solutions in infrastructure development.

He embarked on a transformative journey in academia and industry by undertaking a PhD focused on "Automated Tunnel Inspections with Photogrammetry and Machine Learning". With a keen eye for practical application, he seamlessly transitioned into a role as a data scientist at Arup in 2021, where he has been instrumental in implementing the groundbreaking findings of his PhD research. Currently, he is actively involved in the development and commercialisation of Loupe360, a cutting-edge product designed for the automated visual inspection of tunnels.

Fabio remains dedicated to making meaningful contributions to the field of civil engineering, with a vision to create safer, more efficient, and sustainable infrastructure for generations to come.

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