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Resilient Structures: Protective Design Against Terrorist Threats, online

Event organised by Society for Earthquake and Civil Engineering Dynamics

16 February 2022
18:00 - 19:30 GMT

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The rise in terrorist attacks highlights the need to plan for a resilient world. Taking such threats into account at the start of a project can make structures or communities more resilient without the necessity of costly design interventions.

Protective design refers to the discipline that aims to counteract terrorist threats through a range of interventions such as structural, façade design and the provision of Hostile Vehicle Mitigation measures in the public realm, with the aim to mitigate or eliminate the risk to people and assets. This, coupled with careful planning of critical facilities, enables the delivery of more resilient buildings and public realm with the aim to improve operational resilience post terrorist events.

In this talk, four engineers from ARUP will cover examples of protective design measures developed through design methodologies such as blast assessments, numerical fluid dynamics analyses, structural and façade design under blast loads and hostile vehicle mitigation measures, with a focus on infrastructure projects.


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