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Taking conventional tunnelling to the limit: a case study - TELT high speed rail project

Event organised by ICE

02 July 2024
13:00 - 14:00 CET (UTC+1)

This event has now ended


This talk will be a short history of the construction to date of the Lyon Turin high speed rail project, and specifically the 57 km long transborder underground section between St Jean de Maurienne in France and Suza in Italy, with a focus on the SMP4 contract.

The particularity of this contract is that it was a geotechnical reconnaissance tunnel, on the axis of the running tunnel, and at the finished diameter.

Before this 11 km section of tunnel was constructed, partly by tunnel boring machine, and partly by traditional drill and blast, it just was not known if the construction was actually possible, given the highly tectonised carboniferous ground in this area that could not be avoided, combined with 700 to 900 m ground cover.


Lucy Rew

Lucy Rew

Underground Works department

project director

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Lucy Rew

Lucy Rew is a graduate of the University of Bristol, a chartered civil engineer and a Fellow of the ICE. She has worked for Egis in France since 2002 in the Underground Works department where she is a project director. Lucy is also a member of ICE Council and a Trustee.

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