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Using rainwater, saving money, improving cities

Event organised by ICE

11 July 2024
18:00 - 19:30 BST (GMT+1)
Wessex Water office
Claverton Down Road
Bath, BA2 7WW
United Kingdom

This event has now ended


We are very familiar with rainfall. Generally we see it as problem. Get rid of it as quickly as possible. Let other people deal with it. My tap never runs out and it’s just so convenient and cheap if I want some H2O on demand. But there is a growing problem and a growing understanding of the problem. The climate is changing and our society’s infrastructure was never designed to cope with the growing extremes of rain – droughts and downpours – that a warming atmosphere is causing.

Chartered civil engineer Matt Wheeldon, director of infrastructure development at Wessex Water, will explore the multiple benefits and indeed, need, for following the good rainwater management principles for people and the environment.


Matt Wheeldon

Matt Wheeldon

Wessex Water

director of infrastructure development

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Matt Wheeldon

Matt Wheeldon is a chartered civil engineer who has spent 30 years working in water and wastewater asset planning, regulation, engineering, construction, operation and maintenance.

For the past 24 years he has worked for Wessex Water and is currently director of infrastructure development.

He worked with Government on Defra’s Storm Overflow Taskforce and chaired a review of where legislation could evolve that would encourage greater adherence to the good rainwater management principles.

He is a keen environmentalist and wild swimmer and passionate about holistic solutions to problems. He hates siloed thinking and wet wipes.