Lunch and Learn: Civic Engineering – Socially Responsible Civil Engineering, webinar

18 August, 2017 | 13:00 - 14:00

Learn more about how sustainability and ecology can influence civil engineering.
Learn more about how sustainability and ecology can influence civil engineering.

About this event

Life infrastructure reflects the vulnerability and single importance of protecting and enhancing life. That single pillar has supporting foundations of: energy, water, food & human transportation infrastructure; environmental enhancement and biodiversity, safety health & wellbeing, climate action, humanitarian engineering and disaster response, innovative built environment design for now and into the future. That covers everything needed for life on earth to flourish and covers the Civil Engineers' chosen responsibilities.

The Civic Ecology & Life Infrastructure (CELI) research group at Ulster University develops and disseminates the scientific and technical knowledge necessary to assist Civil Engineers design and implement sustainable and ecology-friendly life infrastructures.

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