Lunch and Learn: Engineering the liveable city a partnership with the natural environment

5 October, 2017 | 13:00 - 14:00

This Lunch and Learn webinar wil look at ecological ecosystem services
This Lunch and Learn webinar wil look at ecological ecosystem services

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Professor Rogers says: “In our fundamental role, as civil engineers, we engineer cities and city systems to support civilised life – facilitate the supply and removal of resources, facilitate movement and connectivity, facilitate and accommodate industrial and commercial activities, provide shelter to residents, facilitate leisure and tourism, and so on.

We do this by creating the underpinning infrastructure and built environments. In so doing, we work seamlessly across all three ‘pillars of sustainability’ – we support economic activity, we synthesise our designs with the natural environment and we enhance the lives of citizens and society – and we necessarily engineer for the (far) future, since what we create often lasts for decades, sometimes longer. In short, what we create has the potential to shape both the ways that cities operate and their citizens behave. We therefore need to understand the aspirations of both cities and those who live, work and play in them.”

“In working with, rather than against, the natural environment to deliver societal benefits, civil engineers have the potential to harness the powerful influence that ecological ecosystem services can bring to bear: a notion that reaches back to the original Charter of the Institution of Civil Engineers, in fact.”

This presentation will introduce ecological ecosystem services and how they can be incorporated into civil engineering designs, explore the ‘overlooked third dimension’ – the opportunities for exploiting underground space in cities – and introduce the tools that have been created by Liveable Cities research team to transform the engineering of cities: the primary ambition of the £6.3m research programme.

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