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13th Brunel International Lecture Series: opening lecture

Event organised by ICE

02 December 2020

This event has now ended


Travelling virtually around the world, Seth Schultz will present his lecture alongside a regional panel of key industry thought leaders. From both a global and local perspective, they will debate some of the biggest issues facing the planet and the profession, before answering audience questions.

The 13th Brunel International Lecture Series is launching on 02 December 2020 where ICE President, Rachel Skinner welcomes attendees.

The Resilience Shift - Securing our future through resilient infrastructure

More people than ever depend on the critical infrastructure systems that provide essential energy, water, transport and communications services, and underpin food, healthcare and education. When this infrastructure fails the consequences can be catastrophic. The Resilience Shift exists to inspire and empower a global community to make the world safer through resilient infrastructure.

The International Coalition for Sustainable Infrastructure – Engineering a more sustainable, just and resilient future

Mobilizing an engineering-led coalition to make resilience and sustainability a cornerstone of every decision in the infrastructure lifecycle in every community around the globe.

Discover more about the lecture series and Seth Schultz.

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Gabriella Lai