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Aerodynamic behaviour and structural safety of tower cranes

Event organised by Wind Engineering Society

18 May 2021

This event has now ended

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The Lothar and Martin winter storms of 1999 were a wake-up call for the French construction industry : two particularly violent winter storms swept the country in the space of several days causing multiple tower cranes to collapse.

This led to a long-term research project at the CSTB and a new methodology for the study of dynamic stability of tower cranes including desk study and wind tunnel analysis methods to identify and mitigate the risk of crane autorotation due to surrounding buildings and to quantify dynamic loads on the crane and its foundations. This method is underpinned by the national site-safety certification and insurance system.

This talk will cover the main technical considerations, the different techniques used as well as the legal framework in which it operates.

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Elira Alushi