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An introduction to inclusive design

Event organised by ICE

13 October 2022

This event has now ended

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The term inclusive has grown in its use over the last few years. However, what do we mean when we talk about being inclusive?

Who is included, and indeed, who is excluded by infrastructure and the built environment?

As designers, it is crucial to consider who we are designing for and what requirements they might have. 

In this webinar, hosted by ICE Bristol City Club, you will be hearing from two speakers well versed in the topic of Inclusive Design:

Chris Watkins, Senior Consultant for Access and Inclusive Environments, ARUP

Chris will be giving us an introduction into inclusive design and explaining why it is so important. He will also present a recent projects focused on improving accessibility and inclusivity within public spaces.

Sarah Taylor, Associate in the Accessibility and Inclusion team, WSP

Over the past year, Sarah has been working on a White Paper which explores the topic of neurodiversity. She will be discussing the findings of this paper and discussing how we can design better for our minds.


Sarah Taylor

Sarah Taylor



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Sarah Taylor

Sarah an Associate in WSP’s earth and environment discipline. She leads their people-focused activities and initiatives. A passionate advocate for inclusion and diversity, Sarah is committed to designing and developing fairer places and spaces. As a part of a small team, Sarah is co-authoring a white paper on ‘designing for the mind and body’, which starts to discuss how we might go beyond just compliance, and – using personas created from primary research – start to really address the complexities of inclusive design.

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