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An introduction to LPTIP - Leeds Public Transport Investment Programme

Event organised by ICE

18 November 2020

This event has now ended


LPTIP is a scheme focused on providing better public transport facilities throughout Leeds. This shall provide cleaner air zones, sustainable transport options and reduce congestion within the city centre. The factions within the scheme, include Park & Rides, Bus Corridors and Bus Gateways. There are a range of new builds as well as improvements to existing facilities at several sites across Leeds.

In this presentation we will cover:

  • An introduction to LPTIP
  • The assurance role
  • The D&B contract
  • Individual scheme developments
  • Scheme aims

By then end of this presentation you will have been introduced to the scheme and shown some of the specific engineering challenges. You will also have learnt about the assurance processes we have been employed to undertake and have gained insight into the pros and cons of D&B contracts.

For more information please contact:

Lynn Dow