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An overview of Grouted Anchor Technology with particular reference to UK practice

Event organised by The British Geotechnical Association

15 May 2019

This event has now ended

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Grouted anchors are a technology that is extensively used on a worldwide basis for the support of geotechnical engineering structures. These can vary from retaining structures for slopes and deep excavations, applications for uplift resistance in tunnels and storage tanks with working loads typically up to 2000 kN, to ultra-high capacity systems used for dam upgrades with test loads exceeding 19000 kN.

The objective of the presentation will be to cover the state of current practice within the broad context of design, construction and testing, paying due regard to the effect of the introduction of Eurocodes and their influence on UK practice.

The latter part of the presentation will be devoted to describing a special case history where the world’s largest capacity anchors were executed for the raising of a crucial water supply dam in South Africa.

It is hoped that the presentation will provide the audience with an improved fundamental understanding of grouted anchor technology, its status within UK geotechnical engineering practice and how these systems are used to provide viable structural support solutions to structures where the consequences of failure are regarded as high.

For more information please contact:

Shelly-Ann Russell