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Annual Transport Planner of the Year Lecture: transport decarbonisation – debunking the discourses of delay

Event organised by The Transport Planning Society

09 March 2023

This event has now ended

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We all know we need urgent action if we are to get transport carbon emissions down if we are to meet our climate targets. However progress in recent years in decarbonising the sector has been painfully slow - it seems for every winning strike (e.g. growing EV uptake, more people walking) there has been some equal own goals (e.g. increasing numbers of SUVs).

TPS members voted Jillian Anable Transport Planner of the Year for her ability to cut through all the noise in this space and present the bold case for urgent action by all practitioners.

Her lecture will be a must attend session for all transport planners who want to understand our role in tackling the climate emergency over the course of this crucial decade.


Transport Planning Society

Transport Planning Society

The Transport Planning Society (TPS) is the only professional body focusing entirely on transport planning in the UK.  The aim of the Society is to raise the profile of transport planning and chart a course for the profession.


Professor Jillian Anable

Professor Jillian Anable

Institute for Transport Studies University of Leeds

chair in transport and energy

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Professor Jillian Anable

Broadly, Jillian’s current research direction investigates ‘the future of the car’ – bringing together technological and societal developments including electrification and new mobility services to explore the concept of ‘car usership’. She applies socio-psychological theories and methods to the understanding of variations in car ownership, mobility patterns and resulting energy demands over time and space. This includes the design of qualitative and quantitative surveys and secondary data analysis to evaluate transport policy interventions at local and national scales.

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