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INWED22 - Applying digitalisation to the civil engineering industry

Event organised by ICE

23 June 2022

This event has now ended


Technological innovation plays a fundamental role in the design and maintenance of infrastructure. Thanks to the use of tools like advanced software, platforms, 3D scanning technologies, digital twins, and virtual reality, it is possible to optimise the entire process in all its phases, improving performances, comfort, and safety of assets. 'Renovation of Tunnels in Flanders' is one of the most impactful infrastructural redevelopment projects Arcadis is developing for its client AWV, and in which the speaker is involved, so much so that the project has won the BIM Awards for two consecutive years.

The evolution of quality in the sector is not only through the implementation of new techniques but also through the involvement of women in the entire process of its digitalisation. To ensure increasingly high-performance solutions, companies need to favour equality, diversity, inclusion; and the creation of role models that could not only be a technical reference but also a source of inspiration for other colleagues to develop a career.

Silvia is an inspiring role model, and this is the second time that she joins as a speaker at an event for International Women in Engineering Day.

She said:

"I am very proud of it because it represents an opportunity not only to celebrate the achievements in STEM works of women like me but also to reflect together on how to achieve new ones."


Silvia Gioja

Silvia Gioja


BIM lead mobility

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Silvia Gioja

Silvia is a Building Engineer-Architect born in Tivoli (Rome), with professional experience in Italy, Qatar and Belgium, where she is the BIM Lead Mobility of Arcadis.

She began her career in Buildings but her passion for Infrastructure took over and she developed her specialisation in Tunnels, Metro, Bridges and Roads projects. 

In 2021, she was the first Italian woman to be awarded the title of Best Woman in Tunnelling & Underground Construction, as well as the first to win a WICE award for Arcadis Belgium. She has also been selected as one of the three best women in construction in Belgium (Belgian Construction Awards). Resilient and inspiring as a colleague, mother, and member of various women’s associations, she is also active in supporting the women’s empowerment in the construction field and in implementing more and more BIM solutions in Infrastructure.

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