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Aspiring to a Carbon Neutral Nottingham by 2028

Event organised by ICE

04 June 2021

This event has now ended

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In a plan published in 2020, Nottingham City Council declared its intention to become the first ever carbon neutral city in the UK. Nottingham’s transport, energy use, waste management and housing will be transformed in a bid to hit zero emissions by 2028 – before the Government’s national target of 2050.

The city already powers 5,000 homes and more than 100 businesses, using energy created from its own waste. It is also building a network of 2,000 charge points to encourage the use of electric vehicles. Nottingham has established an effective tram and bus system that resulted in 40 per cent of all journeys being made on public transport.

Wayne Bexton, Director of Carbon Reduction, Energy and Sustainability at Nottingham City Council, will be joined by the ICE President, Rachel Skinner, to look at what has already been achieved to put Nottingham at the forefront of other UK cities in the race to become carbon neutral.

They will also explore the role civil engineers need to play to help achieve this ambitious target.

During this webinar, participants will be able to engage directly during a Q&A session with Wayne, Rachel and her Future Leaders.

This webinar will be hosted by ICE East Midlands Regional Chair, Ben McGrath.

Image: Nottingham City Council.


For more information please contact:

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