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Blue-Green Infrastructure: the theory and practice - Rotterdam

Event organised by ICE

05 November 2020

This event has now ended

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Join us for the first in a series of four events comprising 2020-21 ICE East Midlands Chair’s Programme: ‘Blue-Green Infrastructure: the theory and practice’, focusing on the theory behind the fundamental change in how cities tackle the challenges of climate change and the practical approach to how these cities have developed and implemented a vision for ‘blue-green’ urban futures.

The speakers, Nanco Dolman, Leading Professional in Water Resilient Cities, and Dr Emily O’Donnell, Research Fellow in Urban Flood Resilience, will take a closer look into the Blue-Green Futures research and how it’s applied in practice, based on case studies from four cities around the world. They will explore the right balance between grey and blue-green infrastructure, the optimisation of real sustainable solution examples over conventional, delivering flood risk management and multiple value co-benefits.

This webinar will focus on the second largest city in The Netherlands, Rotterdam.

The speakers will talk about the real environmental, social, and economic benefits being felt in the city, showing how building resilience has helped to adapt to the challenges of climate change.


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Magda Baldwin