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Bridge construction using specialist bridge building equipment, Malaysia

Event organised by ICE

31 March 2021

This event has now ended

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The technological aspects of construction influence the modern bridge industry from the very first steps of design. Entire families of bridges such as the launched bridges, the span-by-span bridges and the balanced cantilever bridges take the name itself from the construction method.

New-generation bridge construction equipment is complex and delicate. It handles heavy loads on long spans under the same constraints that the obstruction to overpass exerts onto the bridge. Safety of operations and quality of the final product depend on complex interactions between human decisions, structural, mechanical and electro-hydraulic components, control systems, and the bridge being erected.

The bridge industry is moving toward mechanized construction because this saves labor, shortens project duration and improves quality. This trend is evident in many countries and involves most construction methods. Mechanized bridge construction is based on the use of specialized erection equipment.

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Theban Arumugam