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But it wasnt my fault

Event organised by Offshore Engineering Society

06 March 2019

This event has now ended

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The design and construction of major engineering projects in difficult environments can result in engineering failures with catastrophic consequences. Setting aside the human cost of such tragedies, the size of the investment in such engineering projects often means the promoter of the project will look at all options to recover his considerable capital outlay. Don’t think that they won’t look to the engineers who designed or built the project for that recovery. Just because you “did everything right” does not mean you won’t be found liable.

The talk will focus on the way the law looks at civil liability of designers in particular, and what engineers can do to protect themselves in an increasingly harsh legal environment.

The speaker promises working models, bars of chocolate and toy monsters to illustrate the legal principles discussed.

For more information please contact:

Sach Sandhu