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Challenges of flow prediction in urban areas, London

Event organised by Wind Engineering Society

20 September 2017

This event has now ended

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The recently established Urban Fluid Mechanics (UFM) Special Interest Group is an open community consisting of UK universities, industry and governmental organisations. Its interests cover a broad range of issues associated with flows in urban areas, ranging from atmospheric flows over rough surfaces, dispersion of gas and PMs in neutral and non-neutral stratifications, air quality and relevant wind engineering problems.

In this presentation we present the key outcomes from the two-day kick-off meeting which took place earlier this year in which four challenge areas were explored:

(i) very rough boundary layers
(ii) stratification/buoyancy effects
(iii) dispersion in urban boundary layers and indoor-outdoor exchange
(iv) building aerodynamics such as flows around buildings, surface pressure on buildings, effects on pedestrians/vehicles.

Drs Maarten van Reeuwijk and Zheng-Tong Xie will brief the outputs of the workshop discussion, along with some case studies.

For more information please contact:

Elira Alushi