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Chartered Infrastructure Engineer

Event organised by ICE

26 January 2022

This event has now ended

You can catch-up on details or any broadcast and downloads here.


This is the third online event in support of the CIE.

Recent studies have looked at how significant numbers of technically competent (and often academically qualified) engineers might be brought onto the professional register. The Falzani report concluded that an estimated three million eligible engineers “know who the Professional Engineering Institutions (PEIs) are, know what you offer but aren’t interested”.

Professor John Uff concluded that PEIs have a moral responsibility to capture these individuals. And the Hackitt Review went further still, suggesting that PEIs look at mechanisms to provide societal assurance through professionally qualifying, training, and auditing the skill sets of engineers on a routine and through-career basis. ICE’s own Future Civil Engineer report seeks to deliver against such aspirations.

It is hoped that those who have not yet chosen to become professionally qualified, do so through ICE if it offers the context in which many of these engineers operate. In line with its Royal Charter ‘...interests of public health and safety’ and ‘...qualified to carry out such tasks’, the Institution seeks to be the professional home for all those promoting the art and science of the profession. The Chartered Infrastructure Engineer qualification may be attractive to many of those already working alongside us and helping to deliver a fairer and safer society.

Ask a question

Members are requested to email any questions they would like raised at the event to [email protected] by Friday 21 January, 2022. These will be used to start the discussion.

For more information please contact:

Barbara Etzi