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Civil engineers in dispute avoidance and resolution

Event organised by ICE

22 April 2024

This event has now ended


This webinar will share key information and advice to support those working on infrastructure contracts.

Having set the scene on dispute resolution, and the work of the ICE Dispute Resolution Committee, the presentation will cover the importance of avoiding and resolving dispute matters - for civil engineers and for society, including the need for civil engineers to engage more in the legal and commercial aspects of their work. There will also be consideration of the links to good practice in delivering the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Finally, there will be discussion on how practitioners can improve their skills and experience in dispute resolution, including potential courses available and pathways to progression.

James Golden will be supported for the discussion by colleagues from the ICE Dispute Resolution Committee, Seán Bradley and Paul McErlean.


James Golden

James Golden

ICE Dispute Resolution Committee


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James Golden

James is Director at Quigg Golden and is a seasoned construction adjudicator, mediator, and party representative. He has over 30 years’ experience helping and representing employers, contractors, subcontractors and consultants throughout the UK, Ireland, as well as experience in Hong Kong and the Middle East. He has extremely strong practical and theoretical knowledge on all the standard forms of building contracts used in the UK and Ireland and has provided advice to central governments, local governments, and contracting organisations on contractual and disputed issues. He regularly acts as the dispute resolver in adjudication, conciliation and mediation, in addition to representing parties in all forms of ADR forums, including litigation and arbitration.

James is experienced in all aspects of dispute resolution and large-scale project management. He is a practising adjudicator: a member of a number of appointing body panels including the Institution of Civil Engineers, TeCSA and the ministerial panel in Ireland. He is also a training tutor on the NEC forms of contract for the Institution of Civil Engineers.