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Climate change for engineers: how do you consider future unknowns in the context of design today?

Event organised by ICE

17 January 2018

This event has now ended

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Steven Pearce, director of O'Kane Consultants UK operation, will talk about how specific and detailed engineering designs can incorporate non-specific factors such as climate change. If a single factor such as rainfall may increase or decrease significantly in the future, what does this actually mean from a design perspective and can engineering design realistically or practically consider such uncertainty?

A framework to incorporate climate change into engineering design planning from a risk perspective is required as risk management is a key starting point. The newest Representative Concentration Pathway (RCP) emission scenarios allow for ranking climate change outcomes from "very likely" to "less likely" to occur. By combining the likelihood of occurrence for various climate outcomes with the magnitude of the potential failures, a risk based design criteria can be developed for each engineering design component.

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