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Co-developing solutions to the impacts of climate change with Arctic coastal communities

Event organised by ICE

20 April 2023

This event has now ended

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Changes to the Arctic environment are occurring faster than elsewhere on the planet and leading to many varied and interconnected impacts.

This talk will discuss ongoing research efforts to address critical questions faced by the communities living in these areas, such as when relocation will be needed, where and when ground subsidence effects might affect infrastructure and how to issue clear guidance on exposure to hazards from the changing landscape.

In order to meet these challenges our diverse and interdisciplinary team is developing state-of-the-art solutions, transformative and transferrable approaches, and sustained, respectful and productive working relationships between researchers, government, and communities.

Sustainable solutions involve holistic investment that reflects the strengths of all partners involved, the application of new, low-cost but effective technologies and approaches to inform decisions, and equipping and training community climate monitors to ensure appropriate and essential information is collected and accessible beyond single project timescales.


Professor Mike Lim

Professor Mike Lim

Northumbria University

departmental head of Research and Knowledge Exchange

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Professor Mike Lim

Mike is a professor in civil engineering at Northumbria University, UK, and the departmental head of Research and Knowledge Exchange.

His research is focused on the interactions between materials, environmental processes, landforms, and infrastructure within challenging environments, with particular emphasis on slope behaviour. His main area of expertise is on investigating the mechanisms that operate in coastal environments and how they interact to shape landforms, habitats, and coastal communities.

He uses new techniques capable of measuring complex processes and has developed and applied approaches to try and better understand environmental hazard impacts in a wide range of environments, from the rocky coasts of Svalbard to the permafrost thaw complexes in Canada experiencing some of the fastest erosion rates in the world.

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