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Construction, why are we stuck in the mud?

Event organised by ICE

15 October 2020

This event has now ended

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A structured debate on Construction – why are we stuck in the mud? Discussion on the tensions of technology in the infrastructure industry.

The construction industry accounts globally for $8.5 trillion today and is forecast to reach $12 trillion in 2025 (HM Gov). Of that, the multi-disciplinary consultancy sector, formed of disciplines from Geotechnical, Civil, Highways, Structures, Environmental, Rail divisions, accounts for £59 BN in the United Kingdom alone, employing almost 400,000 people (Ibisworld).

Despite the significant value of the sector it has lagged behind other areas of the economy in adopting advancements of technology and digital - that is until BIM, which provided a platform to manage and deliver projects with greater fluidity and in depth knowledge before a shovel even pierced the ground. BIM has not been the saviour that was anticipated, however, it has opened a different thought process in application of technology, and COVID 19 has forced companies and clients to be innovative in continuation of work and maintaining communication using digital tools.  

Advancement in technology allows humans to ‘do’ other things, not entirely dissimilar to the revolution of an automatic washing machine in the home during the 1950s. What is the next step to release humans to have more time? How is the construction industry in the UK going to go forward in adopting new technologies? 

This debate is to discuss the challenges and explore the apparent reluctance for change within the construction industry.

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Felicity White