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Dam safety management in Queensland, Australia

Event organised by The British Dam Society

25 April 2022

This event has now ended


After moving to Brisbane in Queensland, Australia at the beginning of 2019, Tracey is returning to the UK for a short visit and will share some of her experiences over the last three years during the April BDS evening meeting.

She will compare and contrast the dam safety regimes practiced in the UK and Queensland, whilst highlighting some of the dams she has inspected. She will discuss how dam owners prepare for emergencies and give examples of where UK dam owners may consider including some of these practices within their own emergency and incident planning.

Tracey will also provide a brief overview of a project, where she was the lead designer of a 25 m high concrete gravity weir, which is currently under construction. This structure is the first project of its type in Queensland, which has followed the Infrastructure Sustainability Council (ISCA) Rating Scheme, which aims to optimise environmental, societal and economic project outcomes over the long term. The project is also the first water infrastructure project to use the Building Information Modelling (BIM) process in Queensland.

For more information please contact:

Elira Alushi