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Delivering social value outcomes through construction

Event organised by ICE

18 September 2020

This event has now ended


Paul Maliphant will explore the need to redefine the word ‘Construction’ to include its purposes – namely to retain a habitable earth for all current and future generations; and to support people and communities to thrive with a positive balance of economic, social, environmental and cultural wellbeing. To drive this we develop laws, processes, procedures and tools but our underlying ambition must be to deliver the social outcomes that are at the heart of our desire and need to construct.

Maria Vitale will present the high-level findings and recommendations of the report: ‘From the Ground Up: Improving the Delivery of Social Value in Construction’, while also exploring how they relate to the Welsh context.

The report - by the Institute of Economic Development, Arup, and Atkins - shows that placemaking and construction have the power to significantly improve social value for disadvantaged citizens and left-behind communities, and for the UK more generally.

Vince Hanly will talk about the ‘added value’ that can be obtained in construction projects through their procurements and the utilisation of available tools within their tenders and contracts to ensure the maximum value to support its communities. Vince will summarise the present model being used with some of collective results and then focus on a new model which has been developed in collaboration with WLGA and partners.

This event is co-badged with the Civil Engineering Contractors Association (CECA) and Constructing Excellence in Wales (CEW).

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Felicity White