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Designing for cycle traffic: best practice and The Wales Active Travel Act, Cardiff

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16 January 2019
17:30 - 19:30 GMT
Trevithick Lecure Theatre (T2/09)
Cardiff School of Engineering
The Parade
Cardiff, CF24 3AA
United Kingdom

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The lecture will be co-hosted with CIHT.

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John Parkin’s presentation will compare and evaluate international principles and practices for designing for cycle traffic. It will set design for cycling in the wider context of public realm design, traffic planning, traffic engineering and traffic management. It will draw on UK, Dutch, Danish and North American principles, and provide an understanding of how effective design can create efficient transport systems that support economic vibrancy, social activity, and environmental sustainability. To ensure the creation of attractive and comfortable infrastructure for cyclists, a key theme will be the importance of understanding that a bicycle is a vehicle capable of speed and that it is important to make provision separate from provision for other road users.

Phil will provide a summary of the provisions of the Wales Active Travel Act, which placed a series of duties on local authorities to improve conditions for walking and cycling as part of their everyday tasks. He will summarise the Statutory Design Guidance and describe how it is being revised to take account of developments since it was published in 2014, including the forthcoming Local Transport Note on Cycle Infrastructure for DfT.

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Felicity White