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Developments in flood resilient civil design and installation

Event organised by ICE

08 September 2022

This event has now ended

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With climate change projections and increasing storm frequency and intensity, the planning requirements for sustainable drainage (SuDS) and natural flood management solutions will only expand. It is necessary that those designing drainage plans and carrying out related groundworks and installation of blue-green infrastructure understand how they work and where to implement them.

The University of Hull and its partners talked through the main points you need to know about these types of measures and what the EA and local authorities will be needing from their framework contractors. They explained the work the University did to better understand these types of drainage solutions and how your business could get involved. Expertise was shared around the opportunities that exist for your business to grow your involvement and understanding of this market. Included a discussion of the role of SME in this market and case studies to demonstrate the opportunity that is presented by these developments in flood resilience. 

Topics discussed:

  • The Flood Innovation Centre – An Introduction
  • Civil design for Flood Resilient Infrastructure
  • SMEs in the Flood Resilience Market – Case Studies
  • Blue Green Infrastructure Market – The Small Business Perspective
  • Putting the Sustainability into SuDS
  • Natural Flood Management – An overview
  • Working with the Flood Innovation Centre and the University of Hull

For more information please contact:

Joanne Topping