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Digital Breakfast: Are we ready for digital acceleration?

Event organised by ICE

14 May 2020

This event has now ended


The coronavirus emergency has put digital technology firmly at the forefront of the lives of civil engineers across the UK. But as we come to rely on digital connectivity during the crisis, questions are being asked about whether civil engineers are making the most of digital transformation.

Join this online panel discussion to explore the challenges and opportunities for civil engineers in keeping pace as the digital revolution accelerates. Has the industry fallen behind or embraced change? How should we be using data to work smarter and revolutionise the design and delivery of infrastructure? What impact will the coronavirus pandemic have on changing attitudes to digital technology in engineering? And how well-equipped are the civil engineers of today to meet the challenge?

This breakfast event is free to attend and questions to the panel are actively encouraged.

To join the event please click on the link that will be included in your booking confirmation email.

Discussion topics:

Paul Sheffield - Digital as the new normal

Civil engineers throughout history have been innovators and pioneers, but how will they push forward from this point in time? What impact will the COVID-19 pandemic have on the way we work? What skills will civil engineers need to adapt and capitalise on digital technologies? How is ICE supporting members to succeed as the digital revolution accelerates?

Dr Katharine Willis - Smart Cities

What does research tell us about benefits of Smart Cities? How important are civil engineers to delivering successful Smart Cities? What are the key technologies they will need to master to contribute to urban infrastructure design of the future? What might change on the path to Smart Cities following the coronavirus pandemic?

Irfan Soneji – Data is king

How can the Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) industry use data to work “smarter”? What is the new language we need to familiarise ourselves with? What are the reasons for the slow uptake of digital technology in the AEC industry? And, what examples do we have of using data smarter?

Luke Bonnett - Digital technologies in aerospace

Aerospace is already embracing digital technologies to drive down design and manufacturing costs, but problems with competition, protection of Intellectual Property (IP) and ‘black-boxing’ of technology means the benefits of truly digital design could still be a generation away. What lessons should we learn from the aerospace industry? What have been the successes and failures? How can civil engineering leapfrog the challenges?

The discussion will be chaired by Christopher Ackland, a civil engineer with WSP in Bristol and ICE South West Chair’s Apprentice.

For more information please contact:

Barbara Sweet