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Disrupting industry with technology and people, webinar

Event organised by ICE

13 September 2017

This event has now ended

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A generational change is happening in the workplace. There are enormous pressures to transform everything from work environments to business models to complete cultures. Workers are more nomadic, organisations and their challenges are more complex and new technologies are helping push past the limits of what’s possible.

To stay ahead of these trends we need to understand how technology is disrupting businesses now and how it will in the future.

In this webinar Ryan Asdourian, Microsoft’s Windows and Surface BG Lead, will explore how technology is disrupting industries, and how it can be harnessed to promote collaboration and boost productivity.

  • Office Construction – Building the power of the group into every building
  • Power at your fingertips – How we’ve moved from workstations to processing power anywhere
  • Security – How Ransomware is affecting businesses
  • The role it technology will play in the future

Businesses are built on ideas, innovation, and creativity – real transformation will come 90% from people and only 10% technology. We will continue to explore these themes with Microsoft at the Shaping a Digital World conference; collaboration (session 1 of the behavioural stream) is at the heart of the new/future workplace and workforce mind-set. In the manufacturing industry (session 2 of the productivity stream) we will look at how technology is an enabler to increased productivity. Legislation around data governance and security are also essential to creating a future proof workforce, (session 1 of the resilience stream).


12.30 – Chair’s opening remarks
                  Nathan Baker, Director of Engineering Knowledge, ICE

12.35 – Main presentation

  • Shift in workplace mindset and millennial expectations
  • Strategy for the digital age and not just a digital strategy
  • Collaboration as a very important success factor
              Ryan Asdourian, Windows and Surface BG Lead, Microsoft

13.00 – Q&A and discussion

13.25 – Chair’s close

13.30 – Close

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