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Dublin City Centre Sewerage Scheme - Model Build, Needs Definition and Emerging Findings

Event organised by ICE

11 January 2021

This event has now ended


The Dublin City Centre catchment is one of the sewerage catchments which drain to Ringsend WWTW. The presentation will discuss the rebuild and update of the city centre sewerage catchment hydraulic model, its place within the wider Ringsend agglomeration and its use as a strategic planning tool for Irish Water.

It will outline the structural, operational, hydraulic and environmental needs, how these have been defined at this stage of the project and the emerging local concept solutions which have been identified for further feasibility work. It will conclude with the modelling work still to be completed to draw the project to a close.

This is a joint event with ICE NI and CIWEM.

For more information please contact:

Georgia Hamilton