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Energy House 2.0

Event organised by ICE

09 February 2021

This event has now ended

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Join us, together with guest speaker Professor Will Swan, Director of Energy House Labs, to hear about Energy House 2.0 - a world leading energy performance test facility at University of Salford.

The new £16m facility will investigate the future of housing, looking at issues such as off-site construction, smart homes, and energy use.

The laboratory, currently under construction, will contain two environmental chambers with the ability to achieve temperatures of between -20˚C to +40˚C plus simulated wind, rain, snow, and solar light.

With the ability to replicate environmental conditions applicable to 95% of the world’s population within the facility, it will be relevant on a global scale.

Energy House 2.0 builds on the work already completed with Salford Energy House, a project which has enabled key changes to UK housing stock to save energy.

For more information please contact:

Lauren Moczulski