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Erm Dolphyn: Key Challenges and Learnings

Event organised by Offshore Engineering Society

06 April 2022

This event has now ended

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ERM Dolphyn is a novel green hydrogen project, enabling the production of green hydrogen at scale from offshore floating wind. The ERM Dolphyn concept employs a modular design, integrating electrolysis and a wind turbine on a moored floating sub-structure to produce hydrogen from seawater using wind power as the energy source.

The project has the potential to deliver green hydrogen at GW-scale, meeting the demand for green hydrogen that is growing exponentially. A 10MW demonstrator project is currently under development with operations starting in mid 2020s. Co-development in 200+ MW scale projects are underway in Scotland/ Celtic Sea region. The ambition for GW-scale project is to expand from the UK to new markets such as Europe, the US, Japan and Korea.

This presentation will be focused on the demonstrator project. We will briefly present an overview of the ERM Dolphyn concept and key considerations for project development. This is then followed by a discussion on key challenges and learnings in developing a novel green hydrogen project which is related to two existing industries: offshore renewables and offshore oil and gas.


Widya Wahyuni

Widya Wahyuni

Erm Dolphyn

senior consultant and erm dolphyn lead engineer

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Widya Wahyuni

Widya is a senior consultant with ERM based in Manchester, UK, with more than 15 years of experience. Her background is chemical engineering with specialisation in process safety engineering. She has been supporting clients mainly in the oil and gas industry and chemical sectors, focusing on the process safety engineering area with international exposures in multiple regions including South East Asia and Europe. Over the last couple of years, she has been actively involved in low carbon energy transition projects, in particular within the hydrogen sector. Over the last 3 years, Widya has been acting as the Lead Engineer for ERM Dolphyn development project; this project enables green hydrogen production at scale from floating offshore wind.

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