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Modernising employment: fathers in the workplace

Event organised by ICE

17 March 2022

This event has now ended

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COVID-19 has transformed the way many work beyond recognition – but what effect has the pandemic had on fathers and their work and home life? What do modern fathers want and need, and why employers should care?

In this talk discover:

  • How the roles and expectations of modern fathers and families have changed, and how the pandemic has accelerated changes in modern fatherhood
  • What modern fathers want and need from employers
  • The impact that fatherhood can have on men’s mental health
  • The benefits to employers and employees of adopting and promoting family-friendly policy, and how an equitable approach to parenting can help reduce the gender pay gap.

Integrating work and family life has never been as pertinent, with families thrown into working, caring (and even teaching) from home during the Covid Crisis. There has also been a generational shift for first and second wave Millennial fathers and mothers across their day-to-day parenting roles. The vast majority of dads are more involved than ever across all areas of parenting, and this is heavily influencing their expectations as employees as well.

With one in ten new dads suffering from post-natal depression, the mental health of fathers, and in particular new fathers, is also an important consideration for any employer to understand.

Employees are actively seeking more family-friendly working arrangements. What must employers consider so that they can continue to attract and retain this talent pool?

This session will focus on the vital area of dads at work specifically; to better understand the key issues experienced by employees and where organisations need to focus if they are going to successfully drive change for modern day fathers at work.


Chris Miezitis

Chris Miezitis

Fathers Network Scotland


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Chris Miezitis

Chris has spent 20 years working in a variety of public and voluntary sector roles, developing and leading initiatives aimed at improving outcomes for children and family services within the NHS, Local Authority and Third Sectors.

Most recently, Chris has helped to ensure that paternal mental health is on the agenda within Scotland’s national Perinatal conversation, working closely with the Scottish Government, publishing “Paternal Mental Health: A Call To Action”, and leading a national workforce development initiative within perinatal services.

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