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Fiddler's Ferry Power Station demolition

Event organised by ICE

11 June 2024

This event has now ended


Demolition involves taking down a structure in a controlled way. However to ensure a safe delivery, temporary works – including engineering assessment, scaffolding and shoring – are often needed.

Temporary works are designed by engineers to support the demolition process, protecting workers and nearby buildings. They are crucial for a safe and efficient demolition project. One such project where temporary works played a significant role was at Fiddler’s Ferry Power Station.

The Fiddler's Ferry site near Warrington, Cheshire, closed down in March 2020 after 50 years in operation. Demolition of the four cooling towers was the first step in the planned regeneration of this brownfield site.

In December 2023, the demolition was undertaken by PP O’Connor Ltd, with Specialist Explosive Services (SES) as the explosives contractor. Andun Engineering Consultants Ltd were employed as the engineer by Client Peel NRE. 

The presentation includes an overview of the scope of engineering works required to plan and undertake this demolition process and manage all the risks involved. 

Work undertaken at Fiddler’s Ferry Power Station to prepare for the demolition:

General: Initial tender support, site visits and engineering support to site team and boiler house and turbine house plant assessment.

Coal yard: Conveyor demolition (demolition of multiple large conveyors, mechanical and cut and lifts), bridging assessments (large plant crossing existing structures) and coal bunker demolition and refilling works.

Cooling tower: Pre-weakening and demolition methodology assessment, partial removal of structure to enable pack structure removal, vibration analysis on nearby infrastructure and blast screen design to protect National Grid transformer.


Joshua Martin

Joshua Martin

Andun Engineering Consultants Ltd


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Joshua Martin

Joshua Martin is a director at Andun Engineering Consultants Ltd. He has a wide range of expertise in temporary works and demolition, specialising in industrial demolition and rail. Joshua has over ten years of experience in temporary works design, and has site experience - having held temporary works co-ordinator (TWC) and site engineer roles.

Josh is an active member of the ICE, and is the secretary for ICE North West.